To enter a residence signed Daoust Design is to step in a world of elegance and style. Our team offers its expertise and passion to create exclusive homes that meet your every need and desire.

Whether it is to reinvente your current space or simply conceptualize a brand new environment, nothing is more exciting than to see ideas come to life.

new construction, renovation, restoration
residential, commercial
CAD plans
3D renderings
Built-in furniture design
selection of all fixture, furniture and equipement
accessory selection


Daoust Design shines. Prestigeous projects in prestigeous magazines. From the drawing table to the press. No compromise.


Katerine Daoust

Interior Designer

Katerine has made interior design her passion for over 16 years. Her leadership has given her the opportunity to develop a very special set of skills in both renovation and new construction. She is constantly reflecting on new ideas and makes sure to put her talent to work to create exactly what her clients need.

Shany Belval

Interior designer | Drafting technician

It is when she finishes her studies in architectural drafting that she really starts to shine. It is however with interior design that she truly finds her passion. Do what you love and you won't work a day in your life!



The mascot

To some, working with animals might sound a bit strange...While it is uncommon to have a cat wondering around the office and taking a nap on your paperwork, our team wouldn't have it any other way. Let's not forget that a pleasant day often leads to a productive one!


Lyne Boivin

Accounting | Project coordinator

Jenny Essiambre

Interior designer

Roxanne Sabourin

Project Coordinator | Interior designer

Hard working, friendly and always ready to help, Roxanne is the person that you can trust. Having always loved arts, architecture, materials and decoration, it’s in her early thirties that she decides to take things into her own hands. Graphic designer at first, she went back to school to add interior design to her pedigree. That is when she realized it was not only a hobby. With stars in her eyes and a wide smile on her face, she admits that this was the best decision she’s ever made. A career that you are passionate about is also about personal fulfillment and growth.


Frédérique St-Pierre

Interior designer



We invite you to contact us for any questions concerning our services. It will be our absolute pleasure to discuss your design project and make sure it is to you utmost satisfaction.