Particular care was taken in the choice of materials when this project was being designed. In fact, absolutely nothing was left to chance in the structure’s composition. 

From virtually every vantage point, an openwork metal curtain can be seen extending delicately from the first floor to the upper floor, adding a highly original decorative element. 

The living room inspires a gentle feeling of immensity and is also noteworthy for its huge windows, imposing wood panelling block above the fireplace, oversized hanging light fixtures and exceptional ceiling treatment. All of this has been done with a perfect balance and clever play of contrasts. 

Upstairs, a wide walkway combining raw timber, metal and glass leads to the master bedroom. To say that this room is a standout on many levels is an understatement indeed! Everything has been skilfully designed, set up and positioned. The glass wall, oxidized steel partition, light sources and wood accents all contribute in their own way to the elegance and uniqueness of the space.

Location :
Year :
Mandate :
New Construction
Area :
3 200 ft2