Located just a stone’s throw from the Chambly Canal, this residence affords its owner the opportunity to admire an extraordinary panorama in the greatest of comfort. 

This magnificent house stands out in particular for its spaciousness and openness. No effort has been spared in judiciously arranging this immense space to ensure that it is neither too cluttered nor excessively minimalist. Straight, sober lines and light colours are present everywhere. Inviting materials, such as walnut panelling, have been incorporated into this project, discreetly warming the atmosphere and establishing just the right balance. 

This construction represented a significant design challenge. All of the professionals involved were highly successful in addressing the technical complexities, and this in turn resulted in the realization of an extraordinary residence. Naturally, all of this architectural richness can be seen in many aspects of the home.

Location :
Year :
Mandate :
New Construction
Area :
5 000 ft2