Inspired by the most beautiful Italian designs, this prestigious residence stands out in so many ways. 

The majestic circular staircase, which extends over three floors and acts as the centrepiece for the house, is immediately obvious. This structure is topped by a huge crystal mesh suspended light fixture that harmonizes with the sumptuousness of the setting. A unique Bisazza mosaic combining crystal and glass paste completes the arrangement in spectacular style. 

In this vast, uncluttered universe, white dominates. The floors are made of wenge, an exotic wood that is characterized by its brown-black hue, and provide a felicitous contrast. 

Nothing has been left to chance in the design of this residence. Each element, especially the lighting, has been meticulously chosen and reflects favourably on the entire layout.

Location :
Year :
Mandate :
New Construction
Area :
6 000 ft2