Montarville II

Drawing inspiration from the most opulent hotel spaces, the master bedroom, living room, walk-in closet, and elegant bathroom of this parental suite seamlessly meld into inviting sanctuaries where occupants can luxuriate in absolute seclusion.

The master bedroom features a floor-to-ceiling window, bathing the room in ample natural light and creating the illusion of dwelling within the treetop canopy. The adjacent living room is a haven of relaxation, carefully designed to preserve openness to the ground floor's glass facade, affording unobstructed vistas. This transformation involved the substitution of a spiral staircase with a clear glass partition.

Meticulously considering the suite's orientation to maximize light and privacy, the bathroom envelops with its timeless and subtly textured cream-toned marble walls. Champagne-hued metal partitions elegantly segment the space, while a focal-point fireplace graces the center of the bathtub area. Dark oak vanities pay homage to the existing color scheme of the house's arches, and a subtly lustrous wallpaper, along with intricate detailing on handles and fixtures, rounds out a curated selection of materials. Together, they bestow an aura of opulence upon the room and provide a seamless continuation from the ground floor.

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Area :
2 000 ft2