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This open-concept Île Paton penthouse enjoys a high-precision aesthetic. The owner’s strong interest in design and the very active role she played in developing her living space are immediately obvious. 

This is a universe that combines warmth and modernity, with each and every element precisely placed and judiciously thought out. 

Apart from the darkish wood of the built-in furniture, some decorative accessories and a few loveseats, the predominant hues are pastel and endow this residence with a great softness. Among the decorative elements that enrich the layout, we note the treatment of the wooden ceiling, which stands out in particular for its uniqueness. Extending onto the wall, it successfully and subtly blends in with the custom-made furniture. 

A sleek double-sided wine cooler cleverly occupies the space, combining practicality and enjoyment.

Location :
Île Paton
Year :
Mandate :
New Construction
Area :
1 700 ft2