Resolutely contemporary, this remarkable residence is distinguished by both its generous space and multiple architectural features. Wherever you happen to be in this house, your eye is invariably drawn to one of the distinctive design components. 

The Saint-Marc stone walls and the staircase with its landings are among the architectural elements that stand out for their refinement and originality. The exceptional ceiling design plays out in a variety of ways in different rooms and does its part to highlight the uniqueness of this residence. 

Art is extremely important to the owners of this house, and the works on display were a genuine source of inspiration for the spatial design. In the same vein, a magnificent grand piano takes centre stage in one of the open rooms. With this noble instrument in mind, exceptional measures were put in place during construction to optimize the soundproofing of the house.

Location :
Year :
Mandate :
New Construction
Area :
4 300 ft2