This wonderful second home was designed for and by an exceptional family. From the beginning, the owners were very clear about the primary purpose of their new home: to be a gathering place for the family! And to make sure that the needs of every user would be adequately met, grandparents and children alike had their say in the project. 

As it happens, the members of this family are great outdoor aficionados. Their passion for outdoor activities and sports, both in summer and winter, was a determining factor in the configuration and layout of the chalet. 

As a result, the entire terrace is accessible and pleasant to use in all four seasons. In addition, the summer kitchen-patio area sports a beautiful stone structure, allowing the whole family to enjoy meals and gatherings in the midst of nature – and in the greatest of comfort.

Location :
Year : Under construction
Mandate :
New Construction
Area :
5 800 ft2