The Daoust Experience

At Daoust, every project begins with active, dedicated in-person communication. This is followed by support which we tailor to the needs of each client. In this way, we are able to create exclusive, innovative and timeless experiences based on personalized trust, honouring our commitments and transparency.

The Daoust Seal

Every Daoust project is part of a vision of durability, with the objective of improving your quality of life. That’s why we carefully assess every scale and all details related to the materials, finishes and décor elements; your ideas can then develop and evolve into a design and execution that combines functionality with elegance. From your living space envelope to the furniture and accessories, our role is to guide you throughout the project and to ensure that we create a unique design that reflects who you are.

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The Daoust Service Offer

From the design stage to creation and project completion, the Daoust Team is there with our clients, listening attentively, monitoring the progress of the work and supporting you from start to finish – and at every stage in between.


This initial stage entails a productive dialogue that enables us to develop a relationship of trust with you and to fully understand your lifestyle and habits.

The purpose of the initial needs assessment is to precisely identify your expectations. We prefer to conduct this assessment in person and on site, but we can also do so by phone. We carry out an analysis of your lifestyle to help us establish an artistic direction for the entire project that is reflective of your needs and tastes.

We carefully coordinate our activities with those of the team assigned to your project so that we can achieve the deliverables intended for this stage: 

  • Information gathering
  • Survey of existing space
  • Design of a preliminary inspiration board
  • Creation of interior and exterior sketches
  • Preparation of development plans


The preliminary concept is intended to reflect the inspirations and ideas that we drew from the initial assessment. Armed with this concept, we are then able to communicate our overall vision of the project in detail, with plans, samples and images.

Concept development begins with the selection of materials; it also includes all the cabinetry elements that will be incorporated into the design and the detailed architectural drawings. 

During the official presentation of the concept, we specify the choices of lighting, materials and plumbing accessories that need to be integrated into the space in a measured and harmonious way. Your impressions and comments allow us to make any necessary adjustments.

Once this concept is approved, we prepare all of the final technical documents required for the submission :

  • Specifications
  • 3D black and white modelling of some interior elements (using Revit software)
  • 3D colour modelling on request
  • Set of final plans to initiate project execution

Project execution

At this stage, you become, in a manner of speaking, the project master, but you still have the opportunity to call on our services to monitor construction progress and to support you in the various actions resulting from the design stage.

It is always a genuine pleasure to see our clients’ projects take shape. So, depending on your budget and your needs, we can :

  • Deal with the quotations from various suppliers and crafts people
  • Coordinate with the various stakeholders
  • Visit your site on an ad hoc basis to monitor project progress
  • Approve shop drawings

We can also assist you with your purchases (wallpaper, plumbing equipment, lighting fixtures, carpeting, flooring, etc.).

On request

Our team is eager to support you! This allows us ensure that your project results match your wishes and expectations. At your request, the team can offer their services for all matters related to styling.

The Daoust Team can help you with various finishing details and assist you in finding furniture, artwork and other unique pieces – not to mention window treatments, bedding or personalized dishware.