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Picture of Katerine Daoust

Katerine Daoust

Senior Interior Designer

Katerine has always felt the need to scribble, sketch, create. For as long as she can remember, drawing has been her preferred means of expression. So, it’s hardly surprising that she now makes her mark through her boundless creativity and ability to design universes that are as unique as they are splendid. 

A true tower of quiet strength, Katerine exudes a calmness that immediately inspires total confidence. Her clients feel that she understands what they are going through and that she will do everything in her power to help them – from project start to project finish. 

Whatever the mandate, Katerine is determined to offer the best of herself to her clients. She is totally committed to creating an inspiring and appealing living environment for each and every client. She always goes the extra mile in terms of exploring and reflecting on how to deliver unique creations. 

Daoust Design’s creations have won numerous awards, notably at the Grands Prix du Design. Needless to say, Katerine is immensely proud of these awards, which reflect on the entire team. Even so, nothing can ever replace a high degree of client satisfaction. Hearing clients say that the results far exceed what they had imagined or that their well-being and comfort have been greatly enhanced – such feedback is truly priceless for Katerine.