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Nestled gracefully along the banks of the majestic St. Lawrence River, this modern linear residence artfully blurs the boundary between the great outdoors and luxurious indoor living.

The interplay of ceiling volumes and carefully delineated sections adorned with rich wood accents infuses the expansive rooms with a sense of dynamism and depth, all seamlessly unified on a single level.

The judicious choice of polished concrete flooring and the grandeur of oversized doors lend an authentic character to the capacious interior spaces. The centerpiece, a fireplace visible from every vantage point, gracefully opens on three sides and finds its foundation on fragments of unadulterated, whole stones. This deliberate nod to nature within the transparent framework of glass establishes a profound connection between spaces. On one side, an awe-inspiring wine cellar awaits, while on the other, this commanding fireplace offers panoramic views of the welcoming living area and the well-appointed kitchen.

The veranda, powder room, and bedrooms, each conceived with a focus on clean lines and substantial materiality, are masterfully illuminated by architectural and decorative lighting, artfully enhancing the owners' chosen palette and carefully curated artworks.

Incorporating a meticulous study of colors, volumes, materials, and practicality, every element converges harmoniously to breathe life into this exceptional haven of comfort.

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New construction
Area :
2 990 ft2